Monday, January 14, 2008

Training VS Working Out

Is there a difference between training and working out? Yes! How so?

Let me confess that I am a workout junkie. I love working out doing all sorts of sports and activities. In fact for much of my life this is exactly what I did, play and play everything and thank goodness I was fairly good at everything which made it so much more fun for me. However, I never recognized my true potential because I was essentially a scatter brained athlete playing this and that but never putting the time and effort plus focus necessary to see myself all the way through to my potential. The biggest and most glaring area for me is Rugby where I had skill, ability and the intangibles to achieve great things but no focus.

So here I am now, the old guy with the stories that keep getting better and better but not what I should be telling or at least could be telling. Let me say that I see nothing wrong with being a workout kinda person. i believe that it is essential that we do what we perceive best for us. After all, who am I too tell anyone else what to do...of course that is unless you hire me to do so ;-)

However, since I changed my mindset to one of training I have had more success, learned more about myself, the process, the journey and the taste of sweet success or as I say the dessert portion of the menu than every before. The rewards have been far greater than I would have expected.

There is a true difference between knowing what you have to do and what you have forth coming than 'playing by ear'. I know that if I keep squatting eventually those numbers are going to grow and it is only going to get more challenging, just look at my blog and you will see that over the last 8 to 9 months my workouts have only increased. Better yet analyze Rifs blog of the last 3 years and look at his evolution and where he started to where he is now, peaking at the highest level I have seen in many years through much trial and tribulation.

See for me once I allowed myself to be trained and started to train for something my world opened to a new universe and I am like a kid in a candy store. In addition, I am truly a better coach now than ever before and I no longer work people out, I train them. The end of this is better results and way less issues such as injury and attrition.

I am not saying I may not ever 'workout' again but I am enjoying training and there is a significant difference in many ways both personally and professionally. I am by far working towards my best ever and at the ripe young age of 33 and I attribute much of this to the dedication, consistency, persistence, patience and focus to open myself up to real goals, with real deadlines and real platform to perform.

Any questions or comments feel free to share.

with peace and gratitude


Mark Reifkind said...

great post and so good to see you have a real understanding of the difference between exercising and training.It's all easy til it's heavy eh?lol.
more great stuff to come as you have only begun to tap your strength potential.

Joe Sarti said...

And it is only growing more and more each workout. Yeah, it is all easy to it gets heavy and that day seems to be getting closer by the minute with the squats, lol