Monday, January 21, 2008

Presses and Squats



Felt great today, much easier than last week and on track. My right side felt smooth and well connected but did have a bit of trouble with the left making it smooth. Tendency to rotate out and I need to stay under the bell.


Small miscalculation. Meet to do 5x5 at 258. However this was by far my best day squatting. I know my technique needs to improve (always) but I felt strong, powerful and explosive and with a great rhythm. Not bad having Nick part of the workout either. As he Box squatted 387 for 7 doubles quite easily...extra motivation.

25 minutes of a good power yoga with a large emphasis on crescent lunge, warrior 2, reverse warrior poses following a Sunsalutation A, B, C. Missed both Sat and Sunday so felt the need to move. May do a 25 minute hatha yoga later as well.

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