Thursday, January 24, 2008


A great day to practice my yoga. One of my clients cancelled and the house was nice and quiet (nothing unusual) so I decided to do a strong and long yoga practice today. I choose to do a power yoga, vinyasa based flow practice through the guidance of Baron Baptiste who is a star in this form of Yoga. This form takes you through the vinyasa (down dog, to plank, to pushup, to up dog and into whatever move i.e. warrior 1, etc.) and the practice builds off of this. there are plenty of balancing postures, twists, forward and backbends, lunge movements, etc. to make your body feel alive and well. 75 minutes with a wonderful 5 minute Shivasana at the end to quiet your mind, body, spirit and warm down the practice.

I must admit I feel great and this after a big workout day yesterday. Now that I am done with my daily practice of yoga I can turn my attention to this wonderful evening and prepare for a great day and workout tomorrow.

10 singles with the 32kg for pistols
5 sets of triples with the 40kg for Snatch

and Yoga of course ;-)


Authentic Strength Trainer said...

Young Man,
Doesn't ti always fgeel good to be alive? I have to remind myslef sometimes. I get whiny.

Not coming to SJ in Feb, but just received some tasty news from The Dragon's Door. You'll hear about it when I go public. Loving it down here in Souther Cal for sure.

My strength to you,

Joe Sarti said...


Indeed it does, glad you are feeling it as well and if anything my post give you a healthy reminder of being and feeling ALIVE.

Bummer you are not up in this neck of the woods but look forward to hearing the news.

Peace Will

Mark Reifkind said...

great pistol and snatch work Joe,really strong.