Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The way I see it is everyday offers me the opportunity to learn, grow, prosper, observe, teach, learn, improve, challenge, rest, achieve, and so so much more. The way I see it is my goal everyday is too do just that, all the above and the more. As I have travelled this wonderful journey known as my life I have been keen to observe me and my place in the world, where I see myself and where I want to be. The key is to figure out ways to get there, how to achieve.

Last year training for the TSC and now the Beast challenge taught me so much about sport and life and what it takes to be successful and what brings me peace of mind, peace of spirit and heart. the process of this evolution has produced the greatest of rewards as I am more aware and conscious now than ever before of what I want to do professionally and personally.

Personal Goals (lifetime goals)
*Enjoy Mia, Jaz, family and friends
*train with the bells and powerlifts
*learn and practice Yoga
*learn and practice Aikido
*learn and use Spanish/Italian languages for the purpose of travel and living abroad.
*learn the guitar for purposes of meditation and pure love of music and the instrument
*travel, travel, travel and live abroad.

This is a brief yet concise summary of personal goals. They will continue to evolve and some I am just dabbling in small doses but consistently enough to get better.

Here is the tentative plan for the workout schedule
-strength with powerlifts/kettlebells/bodyweight
-Yoga: 30 minutes (ideally each will be meant to provide balance to the strength moves of that particular day)

-Yoga: Hour to 90 minute focused yoga practice.

In addition I will as always use meditation, mobility (z-health), foam roller, walks/hikes, etc to keep my body whole and healthy.

I have studied this beautiful art of partnership based flow and movement in the past. I really enjoyed the form and want to practice on a regular basis (2 times/week). I have looked into a couple of different options and I have found times that work for me. At this point it is on the back burner but I am aware of the benefits and reasons I want to incorporate this into my life. I do not foresee this until (September of 2008 at the earliest).

Is this a lot, yes! Can I do it all? Yes, but to what level of success? I am not 100% sure but I will attempt at some point to integrate all these aspects. Strength Training, Yoga and Aikido all provide something unique and different from one another. The key for me is I know they will strength my being and make me better on an all around level.

I have no kids, I have a great job with a flexible schedule that pays well and is built around caring for the body, mind and spirit and therefore I have the time to do all this. There are still some questions I have and want to answer in regards to my strength training goals. Once I have them situated I will be able to make a more concise decision.

Right now I have some professional goals related to personal with my studying Yoga and I want to devote more attention to this so I do not feel the need to do the Aikido at this point. In addition, starting in May at the latest I will be enrolling in my Transformational coaching program and this will take my focus as well. I do not and will not spread myself thin, instead I will maximize my time and use it wisely and make the necessary adjustments on a as needed basis. I do very well with time management and utilization of my resources, etc.

So for 2008 I will be studying Yoga and Transformational coaching for professional development as well as personal. I will continue on my strength training path. I am not sure what is exactly in store for this area but the way things look, it could possibly be a power lifting meet at some point ( I do realize that yoga and competitive power lifting might not be the best combo...to be discussed further with Rif and anyone else with ideas please share).

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