Friday, January 04, 2008

Pistol and Snatch

This is supposed to be a back down week on the Pistols so here is how it went
16/2/2x2 Warm-up
32/1/1/1/1x1 (2/side)
32/1/1/1/1/1/1x1 (3/side)
32/1/1 partials (3 levels)
32/1/1 partials (2 levels)

Point to work my weak points, teach me to stay tight, help me with m position

Snatch (week 3 of 4 week cycle)

Heavy Abs
Crunches of various kinds (janda, rock and roll, behind the head, rock to the boat) all with the 32kg (approximately 30 reps)

Yoga (30 minutes)

NOTE On Squats
The squat is making me stronger, across the board. The squat I believe makes me better at snatching and makes me better with my pistols, as does Yoga (balance and stability while standing on one foot). Now the squat does not help the cardio side but sure makes me use my legs better and back. I feel the strength on my hips, back and legs transferring to the Snatch.

PS: headed to Cancun Mexico for a few days and will be off line. No KBs, Squats, Pull-ups, etc. just some Yoga and R&R.


Mark Reifkind said...

nice workout and good to see the abs get in there regularly now. and yes, power squats make you stronger than any other exericse, imo.deadlifts included.stiff as hell but strong as hell too,lol.have fun in mexico man, I'm way jealous, especially with all this freakin rain.

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks Brother, I appreciate all the coaching, it is truly showing on all levels of my life. The abs are regular

Franz Snideman said...

Have fun in Cancun!!!!!!!!