Monday, January 28, 2008

Presses and Squats

Time is ticking away and that day is coming closer. One thing I have learned about training for strength based contests is that you really feel the strength and progress as you near the date. You can look back upon the numbers over the last days, weeks, months and see how much progress you have made.


Connecting the dots from the floor to my brain sure makes it much easier to move the weight. I felt the power surge today, especially the last 2 singles.


THis was much a bigger load and I could feel the body having to work more to handle the loads. At the same time I could feel that I am much stronger and better with the move as a whole. Also, I know why people prefer singles, doubles and even triples to the 5x5.

Yoga: 30 minutes


Brett Jones said...

sets of 5 are very annoying ;)
Singles and doubles rule!
BTW - yoga is a great part of your routine.

Joe Sarti said...

thank you Brett, always appreciate your taking time to read and give feedback.

The one thing I realize about singles and doubles, is the loads are much heavier and that is super cool ;-)

Brett Jones said...

Heavy is good ;)