Saturday, January 07, 2012

Deadlifts and Oly's

Still in a deloading phase but always room for practice. I love Saturdays because of the great group that comes together for the Deadlifts. I enjoy coaching when needed and helping the crew of Crossfit Los Gatos. It started with myself and Chris Eagen, then Devin Lopez, and now DJ Downs, of course my fiance Sara Gurka, Michelle Viviano, Coral Lloyd, and now Greg and Jen Larsen. We are continually adding great people dedicated to their human potential.

Sumo Deadlift
Note: took a wider stance to focus more on hips and overall felt stronger even deloading
Worked up to heavy singles finishing at 425

Rack Pulls (2 inches below knee)
worked up to heavy singles up to 515
Enough today at this weight. This was the max I had considering my focus was to deload. Always nice to have 500+ be a deload week. I can tell just by feel how much stronger I am. Next week, time for a change.

Hang Power Clean and Jerk
155: 5 triples

Last week this sucked so today just put myself into a corner and trusted my intuition and felt great. Much easier and I can tell things are coming together. Sometimes all we need is to practice what we know instinctive and intuitively. Too much coaching, too many tips at this point is just too much. I just need to trust what I am doing at a lighter weight and practice. This is a new journey so I have time :-)


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