Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Max effort, bench/upper body & yin yoga

Started the day doing so e yin yoga and teaching yin yoga. Nice to spend time in deep stretches, nothing forced working on Opening through connective tissue, joints and bones. A practice of patience and a reward of deep relaxation.

Max Effort Bench
Let me say I am not a bench pressed and it is far from my favorite. But with Greg lifting I have been actively engaged and sharing the wisdom I have learned with him and teaching various aspects of the bench thin ally, philosophically and training wise.

3 board bench press

KB military press (single bell)
32/3 x 5

This was great, first time in 2 months due to a weakened rotator from a stupid thing. So felt great! Love these

Supersetted with pullups
16kg/3 x 5

Same rotator has held me back....not making same mistake again ;)

Ring L-Sit 20 sec x 3

Handstand freestyle practice

Parallettes L-sit to headstand (head off floor) to planche
5 reps total


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