Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Practice is fluid

Yes it is indeed fluid. The practice as a whole is always changing but there is another element of the practice that is also fluid. As enter the last year of TCM medical school I am embarking on a challenging semester including 26 units o class hours with internship. In addition I have my existing business which is another 20 + hours a week.

Over the past three weeks I have had little work and no school during this time I had ample time and energy to dedicate to my physical practices. During the school semester this is very difficult and leads too me adjusting goals to meet demands.

Therefore daily I make time to do some form of my practices, yoga, strength, gymnastics, running. The numbers are less important in terms of reps, sets, weight, time, distance and are much more dedicated to focused movements that contribute to my overall health and well-being.

Today practice
Gymnastics including
Hanging L Sit static
Front lever static
Handstand kick up free style
Planche modified static hold

Yoga modified sun salutation flow
Tai Ji

The key is honing skill and as skill increases it is easier to hone with less time which is why I am keeping things relatively 'simple'

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