Monday, January 23, 2012

Max Effort Day, lower body

I love being strong and lifting Big weights is a great feedback loop. I do not have the time necessary to devote to
Competition style training and nor do I desire this. In fact, I prefer to help see others achieve their goals and be a coach. Still, I do follow a plan to make sure I am properly loading with overdoing and leading to increase risks.

Max effort Zercher squat
205,225,245,275,295,315 all singles

Only the third time I have ever done this and first since July 2010 so feel pretty darn happy with this number. It was enough considering I have not been using this in any program. Low volume high intensity.

Box jump
41 inch, 5 singles static start position out of hole

Sled pull
Shoulder, between legs, ankles. 3 different positions, 60 yards total for each.

All the time available this day but pleased.

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