Friday, January 20, 2012

Dynamic Effort squat/DL and yoga

This was a good one. Bands are no joke and the concept of accommodating leverage (resistance) is something when utilized appropriately and within a given program is a game changer.

Dynamic effort Squat
Bands Mini and next size up:
135 bar weight with bands 8 singles
185 bar weight with bands 1 (too slow for a dynamic so went down)

This was a great learning experience. We certainly had more band weight than I intended but we adjusted bar weight and took the percentages of weight to bar and reversed today. Greg set it up and did a beyond excellent job. I felt strong, fast, tight and explosive. Pushing the knees out made the move 100% better. WOW! This was awesome

Lightened Method DL
Big bands hanging fRom top rack.
Bar weight: singles from 495, 545, 595, 635

This are incredible. Bands help off the floor but below knees you feel all the weight.

Hanging Straight leg raise (aka toes to bar)

Handstand kick up practice

Crow mountain climbers 3 sets of 3 reps

Split Day
Yoga deep hatha style

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