Friday, January 13, 2012

This was an ideal training day.

First part of day filled with yoga and sun salutations. Great way to wake up and move the body. 30 good minutes and a savasana to top it off

Second part of the day had the pleasure of training with Greg Larsen, my fiancé and Greg's wife. Plus we had Chris Eagen, Kevin McMahon (former olympian), devin Lopez, DJ Downs and a couple others so made up a strong training room

Today was dynamic effort squat day! Love squatting and dead lifting so this was a fun one.

Box squat 12 inch box with bands used for accommodating leverage
205 + bands for 8 sets of 2

This was tough. Getting appropriate band tension is not easy. We are learning to use the rack but the tension felt good and movement strong. I like these, teach you to drive throughout full range of motion.

Deadlift bar starting 2 inches of floor with double mini bands.
295 plus bands for 7 singles.

This really keeps me in my groove and forces me to pull through fast and strong bottom to top.

Kneeling jump into rock bottom squat
5 sets of 3

Fun, fast and ninja like :)

Sled pulls
6 plates, 200 feet x 3
9 plates x 1

Toes to bar static 5x2
L sit rings: 20 sec x 2
Handstand 5 x 2
Candlestick (deck squat) 5x2

L to handstand practice on parallettes 3 sets of 3

Food! And school

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