Friday, January 27, 2012

A PR and more

Another day of training and practice. We broke the rack bolts on Wednesday shad to adjust workout, no bands so just straight weight

Wide stance Sumo DL
365,405,455,485 PR
extra wide today almost toes touching plates. Focused on pushing the feet apart and felt deeply connected to bar. Enough so I hit a PR. No belt, just raw.

Followed up with high bar hip width Squat.
Worked up to 365 single.

With school and just a bit deficient due to taxiation of schedule I control my volume. Still getting stronger though

Kneeling jump squats 3x3
Crow mountain climber to planche 3 sets of 5 reps
/side and on last rep holding in planche 5 second :) sooooo darn close
Handstand kick up: figured out arm/shoulder position. Started with shoulder over wrist and this made a world a difference.

Finished off with 30 minute yoga more gentle hatha

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