Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Olys and gymnastics! 1 step forward

Yep another day of practice. It may sound/seem redundant but it is my key, consistent practice. Now, as you look at my numbers, etc it may not make sense, no worries. The idea is a wave based Periodized model written in pencil, flexible and adaptable. First it is important to understand my goal. As a whole in my life my "goal" is to take one step forward each day. As Lao Tzu says a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so in my journey, each day I want to take a step forward. I apply this approach to all things in my life and this is the case in training. I want to develop a consistent, sustainable approach that allows me to get better each training session and to explore new frontiers in human potential. That being said here is today's breakdown Warm up with joint mobility, dynamic movements. Hang power clean: work up to singles @ 155lbs 8 total This was pure ugliness. I was off in an attempt to make an adjustment. I hit a few that felt easy and the others were just off. Jerks (split) work up to singles: 205 finishing weight No spring, no power and again just ugly. Not my day on the olys but awareness is key and instead of beating myself up I transitioned to my favorite part of my practice, gymnastics Gymnastics L-sit (parallettes): 3 holds @ 15 sec each Handstand face wall: 3 static holds Front Lever: 2 sets legs straight up to ceiling, 1 straddle. All held for time. Planche on parallettes: 3 sets practice static holds. Hip to head parallel to floor, knees bent L-sit to handstand (not full handstand yet, arms bent and legs still at angle. 3 reps, 3 sets holding 'hamdstand' Done!

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