Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great day for a workout. Had some free time and took advantage. Met up with Greg Larsen to teach him portions of his new program and lift.

First time bench pressing in at least 6 months. So a bit rusty but since I am well trained the neurology is set in place and I quickly dusted off

Max effort day (westside inspired)
2 board bench press
Worked up to 285, did 275, 265, 255 for doubles 
Felt really good. I had a great groove and strong out of the pause. 
Did not want to push to hard and fast so stopped here and loading felt great

Followed up with ring dips, pullups and..
Sled work. Various upper body moves, pressing, flys and reverse flys, seated and standing row. 

Finished with
toes to bar dead hang

Hand stands free style

L-sit to handstand on parallettes to planche. This is a work in progress but indeed is progressing quite well. At approximately 60 degrees on handstand part. Arms are still bent but able to start pressing up. This will improve/increase once I get proper position 

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