Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yoga and gymnastics practice

I love the human body. It's beauty from the inside to the outside is remarkable. The ability to explore the body is one of life's great gifts for a personality like mine. When I made the commitment to learning the art and science of yoga my approach to life and physical practice changed forever. I feel like I am embarking on another level, another change once again with the implementation of gymnastics. I get giddy like a kid when I have the time to practice and I find myself carving out a little time daily with the intensity of my school, work and life schedule t practice.

I am on week 7 and the progress is showing. First, I am learning how to train, how to practice the moves, how to integrate and see how one move helps another and vice versa. The bigger picture is much clearer.

Today I combined the 2 into my own flow and practice and WOW!

Crow mountain climbers 3/side x 3 sets
Pistol 3/side x 3

Crow to handstand 3-5 reps x 3 sets (not a full handstand yet but a progression)
Candlestick 3 sets of 5 (aka deck squat)

Handstand kick up 3 sets of 5
L-sit off yoga blocks (toughest yet due to lack of ground clearance, makes me get feet up) 10 secs x 3

Various yoga poses mixed in, down dog, cobra, up dog, pigeon, single leg forward fold, forward fold standing & sitting,
Wide leg forward fold, kneeling lunge with quad stretch, runners lunge

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