Thursday, January 05, 2012

Deloading and Gymnastics Practice

For the past number of weeks I have been putting some BIG loads on the bar, multiple weeks of 400+ lb squats, 500 to over 650+ lbs Deadlifts, Heavy snatches, cleans, jerks, etc. my body has kindly suggested I back off a bit so I am taking the cue and no bar work till Saturday DL. In the meantime there still is my gymnastics practice so today was all about that.

Strict Toes 2 Bar 5 reps x3
Handstand Holds (face the wall) 20 second holds x3

Pull-ups 5, 6, 7 ladder (dead hang pause, tactical with chest to bar)
L-Sit Parallettes 15 second hold x3

Front Lever static holds x 3
planche static holds x 3

L-Sit to handstand (elbows bent) for 3 rounds holding handstand (not perpendicular yet)

All these I am attempting to increase difficulty so times may reflect this. And sometimes, my body is just pooped by the time I reach a certain exercise. Progress is coming and it is evident.

1 mile Run

Stretch as always. Directed Yoga stretches to address areas of need!

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