Thursday, December 06, 2007

But I do not have time

How often as a personal trainer/coach have you heard this phrase? I can say for myself all too often and honestly I am guilty myself of this. Of course my clients offer up a number of reasons why they 'do not have time' and understandable so many of them have legit reasons. After all, the american way, the way the American live their lifes has changed considerable over the past number of years. We are no longer a one income family with a stay at home mother, a working father, the 2 kids, white picket fence and dog. This day, especially in the big cities and urban sprawls both parents work 40+ hours a week, with the nanny or daycare, a white picket fence replaced by a small yard or patio if we are lucky, plenty of stress, a pile of bills, take home meals, fast food or restaurants, late night email checks, etc.

So, safe to say we as a society have much more going on with our lives leaving us less free time and making it that much more important the we really time manage our schedule to fit "it all in". Sounds tough and for many it truly is.

As professionals it is important for us to keep in mind these facts and to educate our people that it is not about the number of hours they workout but the quality time they put in. This is one reason I love the KB's and the Yoga at home with ITunes plus the fact that taking a family walk is a great way to spend quality time with the family while getting in a nice movement session.

And as important or possibly of greater importance is to let our clients understand that reason or as I like to call an excuse due to in large part poor time management, poor nutrition and just overall poor health due to reasons such as stress and the inability to manage this stress are not excusable. That, in fact they must create, and make the time and we will help to design a program and make time to help them maximize their efficiency. Are we babysitters, no but we have a duty to due our best for them and in return we are rewarded and we better learn how to manage ours, theirs and others lives that we encounter.

See, as a teacher at the University this semester it dawned on me just how lazy people are and how they lack foresight and drive to prepare and plan. Thus, they are left to cram and write multiple papers, etc. at the last minute. In turn they miss class and use these prior factors as excuses. And as I sit there listening to excuse after excuse I realize that these our my future clients, future contributors to the world at large.

We are an excuse riddled, lazy, unprepared, lot of people or at least many of those I encounter and these are many of the reasons why we are suffering from so many diseases and potential epidemics and why we have to rely on pharmaceuticals and healthcare to help us maintain and survive.

I look back on my grandfathers and how hard they worked to care for their families and how well they cared for themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and how they spent quality time with their children. These people lived through the great depression, world war 1 and 2, the korean war, the industrial revolution, the vietnam war, the equal rights era, FDR, etc. and they made it through and set up a great place to live and exist in the process.

I realize I must continue to make a impact day and day out and I am skilled and have all the capabilities to do so. I must lead by example with the spirit of these men and the others who set the table for us. I have to help change the attitude and perspectives of people and I know that all of you have the same kind of influence, you are leaders like myself. We are more than personal trainers, we are life coaches, counselors, nutritionist, athletes, we are someone people look up to, respect, hear (maybe not listen, lol), appreciate. We are the meeting people enjoy, the hour of life they look forward too. We are powerful and influencial. this is my realization and I take this seriously and I look forward to going out there everyday improving myself and bringing the best forward.

Thank you all for helping me and I hope I bring you something as well

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