Monday, December 31, 2007

Presses & Squats and some well wishes/reflection


Key Points

*Feel your feet push through the floor

*When at the sticking point sink that shoulder into your hip (pack it) through those lats and press through the weak spot.

*Use your core and glutes


Lessons learned squatting today

*tuck the elbows under this in turn gets the lats tight, gives a firmer and stronger hold of thee bar, & increases the arch. Thereby increasing the tightness of the body I felt it increase the ability to move the bar/weight

*Pull yourself back and down like a bow and arrow and then release yourself pushing straight up through the bar (as if the arrow has been shot from the bow). This helped me get deeper and made the move much easier due to the visualization.

*The set-up is a move within itself. Thus, set yourself and get tight while under the bar in the rack; 3 step walkout setting the feet; deep breathe making sure the knees are locked and go

*Find a solid groove

*Stay tight and hold that tightness throughout the lift

*Find a point for your eyes to focus, know the angle so you can transpose the lift to any gym or environment and not skip a beat.

*Squatting makes you feel really strong

2007 was a great year in so many ways and I am grateful that I took advantage of the year, the days, the everything to make it a year to use as a stepping stone to another wonderful year. Thank you!
I wish you all a happy, peaceful, memorable, experience and opportunity filled 2008. Make it your day everyday and make your dreams, wishes, thoughts, feelings, etc. come true. There is no better time than the present moment.

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