Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Max VO2 Snatch and Heavy Pull-ups

Max VO2 day, oh Joy how I love this...not but it sure does help having a workout partner and especially one who you know is going to show up, push hard and stick to the plan.

16/7/side/15sec x 45 sets

This is some real work and you know once you get moving not so bad. Felt a good strong heart beat, good lung action and was able to really focus on my form and make adjustments as necessary. Only a mild discomfort in the low back and this is getting much better with the consistent application of this protocol and my overall dedication to improving.


Sickness Remedy for my cold
Considering I am still not a 100% but definitely feeling better and just coming out this week and performing makes me feel really good. All I have done to improve is take lots of vitamin C and multis, ZMC (from Whole Foods), hot tea (green and white plus ginger tea) with honey and lemon, garlic, onions, rest and 2 hard workouts.

The power of a healthy mind, spirit and body!

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