Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jerks, Swings, Yoga and detoxing from Christmas

The Christmas feast is over and am I ever thankful. Had a wonderful holiday but as usual ate a lot of great food. Kept myself in check but did eat more than normal and way too many carbs. My body does not like starchy foods and sugars, SURPRISE. I am on a sugar and heavy starch break.


Swings (2 hands)

Have not had a swing workout in quite a LONG while. Nice to add them in.

Did not have the necessary equipment today since i am not with Rif or at the gym to do weighted pull-ups so I wll try to get them in tomorrow at the gym in McCloud, where I will be snowboarding over the next few days.

Finished off my workout with my new practice of Yoga. 25 minutes of hip based flow which really highlights my areas of my body that are 'tight'. Why do I say new, well I look at yoga just like my other training as a daily practice. These are things I just do no matter what. I am truly learning this concept of life and applying it daily. Practice, do a daily practice of healthy habits and you will be much more mental, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Sounds like a great way to be too me.

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