Monday, December 24, 2007

Heavy Press and Squats

Hooked up with a good friend of mine Mike Johnson..aka Woodie. He is an assistant coach/strength coach for Fort Hays University Softball team, a division II team in Kansas. We met up and worked out at a gym in his home town of Citrus Heights (part of the greater Sacramento area).

He wanted me to show him so kettlebell moves and fortunately the gym allowed us to bring in the Bulldog and a 24kg. Since it was my Press Day I showed him the clean and press as well as the bottom up press. However, the big thing I spoke with him about was how to utilize his whole body to increase tension thereby increasing his ability to apply force. Also, we discussed physics, alignment and using the most effective route to complete the move, he loved it. Best yet is he did multiple singles with the 40kg on his first attempt EVER with a KB. A naturally good athlete this was a selling point on the power of the bell.

Military Press

I do not mean to trivalize this experience but these were the easiest presses across the board and looked like a 24kg. I feel really GREAT about this. All the training and consistent approach is paying off.


First time without Rif's guidance but I feel really good with this weight. Also, I did not have my olympic shoes so I am not sure how much impact. This is some serious work. I am growing more and more to love the dedication it takes to be a great squatter.

Merry Christmas

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