Monday, December 17, 2007

Jerks and Squats

Working out the details via Prioritization. Taming the Beast in Feb is the goal so working the program to enusre that in 2 months I am 100% ready to perform on that given day.

So new program and Monday is meant to be Press but since I did them on Saturday filled in with the Jerks today.


Sure feel way easier. Felt really good linkage and tension as well as control. Very pleased.


Deep squats. Boy o' Boy squats are a heck of a lot of serious work on the body. They are much more demanding (for me) than the Deadlift and showing up week in and week out knowing the weight is going to increase and they are going to get much more challenge. However, I am up for it. This was a great workout and I feel better with the technique.

Great workout!

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