Monday, December 10, 2007

Snatch and Squat

Heavy Snatch day always a favorite especially when I am in the right groove, which I am!


Fast, EXPlosive, powerful, crisp and on point today. Felt a good groove across the board. I feel my form coming together well and the effortless effort shows the improvement. I love the feeling of being strong, powerful and explosive. Hit'em hard, hit'em fast and with grace and technique.


Started out really tight today both shoulders and legs plus I was sore from Saturday. So a bit slow to warm-up on this move but once I get in position and am warmed up this just feels great. I am finding it easier to find my groove than I thought and truly just think Squats are the real deal. I have a great deal of respect for those who step under, go ass to the grass with some big weight on their shoulders.

That is it for today. Have a long, long day tomorrow so not sure if I will get anything other than specific stretches.

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Mark Reifkind said...

those snatches looked like it was the 16 kg not the 32. fast strong and powerful,pure hardstyle!