Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MAx VO2 Snatch and Heavy Pull-ups

This one was rough, totally flat today and more of a mental grind. I realized I just did not have my full capacity around set 12 of the 50

Max VO2 Snatch
16/7/7x35.....low back fatigued and tight have to stop

2.5 minute recovery and time to join back in with Rif, cannot let him suffer alone.


Completed 45 sets, not my best effort but a progression over last weeks numbers.


Much better here today than the Snatches.

Some days are better than others and you do the best you can. Show up, give 100%, play smart, endure the suffering because it is only temporary but the long terms effects are awesome.


Mark Reifkind said...

you did great joe, big difference doing this with only one day of rest after 32 kg snatches AND volume squats with no belt!way to come back too and finish up,well done.

Joe Sarti said...

thank you Rif