Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cannot Ignore, The Simplified Life

Yes, it is obvious. Everyday, everywhere you look, go, see, everything you do it is obvious. In certain ways more to some than to others and then again there are those who are less affected....I am not in that latter category but the former. What am I referring to?

The cost of living which is increasing as the income for most remains the same and in fact has seen little increase over the past years. This fact is supported, this is not just my opinion. For myself and others like me who are self-employed and offer services that are in many respects not on most peoples most important items under the budget list changes such as increase in the cost of living can have a devastating impact.

I am fortunate in that I live well and am able to have a nice place to live, drive a new car (albeit at a cost but the trade off is much better gas mileage, about a 10 mile increase/gallon), eat well, travel, and enjoy my life everyday. However, that is not to say that my life has simplified

Yes, a Simplified Life with a simplified approach. I go out to eat less, drive slower, drive a car with excellent gas mileage (all things considered), buy very few material things other than what I truly need, shop for food that is of the highest quality in health and returns, which means I buy less, consume less but get a much better health and wellness benefit. My spending habits have changed and I am not spending foolishly like I have in the past. Instead I am making every effort to take care of my main business and safe for a rainy day.

Times like these have a multitude of potential effects. For me my awareness has increased about my spending habits, what I am spending my money on, what I am consuming, how I am moving about each day, etc. I am far more conscious of everything I do and in this case everything related to money. I have a much deeper respect for the power or lack thereof of the almighty dollar and the hours spent working them.

I find me wanting to go and even extra mile to service my clients during our time as to maximize their money, even if they are less concerned, which I am not certain is or is not the case. My spending is way down on the whole throughout this year. Although, i have spent a lot of money of investing into my business and personal life for the purpose of enhancing my skill sets and offerings. The beauty about what I do for a living is that it benefits me on both a business and personal level making the money I spend go twice or more as far.

The Simplified Life is actually quite nice. I have less potential things to 'worry' about which is not normally apart of my being anyways but this makes it even less likely.

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