Saturday, August 09, 2008

Training Race and Hike

Adding up the miles, that seems to be the theme. I have a few things in my piggy bank and my training is prepping me to pull them out and cash them....

Today I did the Los Gatos Dammit Run, the first time ever. Why do I say this, well I have done this run a number of times since 1999 but never did the race. So, a few friends were out today and I need to do some hill training and this race has 2 big hills and 2 moderate hills with some decent incline.

The race started slow as we placed ourselves in the back of the pack just allowing the runners to separate and spread out. It took 12:51 for the first mile, 9:40 for the second (24:30 at this point) and the first of the short, steep moderate hills which I walked after waiting for my friends who were moving a bit slower than I at which point I came upon the first long steep hill and ran up again walking and waiting for my friends but also since this was a training run allowing my body to recover. Plus, I knew I had the short hill climb followed by a short recovery and then the longest and steepest hill, the back of St. Josephs hill, a real bear.

by the end of the final hill and 3rd mile + I had come to the downhill, 37:30 at mile 3 and ready to run as I knew I was on my own after that first hill. So I kicked it into high gear taking advantage of the downhill portions and carrying my speed. By the time I was coming to the finish line from mile 3 to the end I passed a boat load of folks, never getting passed which felt great because I truly opened it and my lungs.

I finished in 52 minutes after a long slow start and some big hills, all followed by walks, I average 7:30 over the final 2 miles and just about barfed my last nights dinner as I pushed to the end with the women whom I passed on the last .25 of the last .25 miles trying to overcome chance, lol.

Great training run: A slow warm-up, 4 hills runs, walking recovery and a strong finish all on a beautiful Summer morning in one of my favorite old time training/playgrounds and with a few friends to boot! Not a bad way to spend/start a Satruday.

AFTER ALL that, Mia, Jaz and I went for a 6 mile+ hike (90 minutes), albeit a few hours after out in the hot sun. Felt good to continue to build fitness and be on my feet with my favorite crew!

Oh yeah, I did 20 minutes of yoga stretching, hot tub, ice down....have to take care of this body!

Snatches tomorrow and a good yoga restoration practice

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