Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesdays Workouts


Location: Rancho San Antonio
Distance 5 miles (wildcat loop to deer hollow)
Time: 50 minutes
Type: Trail

This run has a nice 1.1 mile warm-up which for this particular run also worked as my final stretch where I pushed it to the finish. In between there is a nice 1 mile switchback climb that rises quickly but offers a few respites along the way. There is a nice section that is downhill as well. Since I ran with Mia my time was a bit slower however this is good because I can recover well, walk it out a bit and finish strong. Very pleased with the run today and can feel my fitness and endurance as well as speed increasing.

35 minutes of a gentle hatha yoga. This really hit areas that I felt I need to open and relax. The yoga has really helped my recovery efforts and is definitely increasing my ability to perform. Plus, the meditation and relaxation help keep me calm and conscious.

Location: Stanford
Distance: Unknown....time focus
Time: 35 minutes using 8 minute run/1 minute recovery interval x 4
Type: Flat Recovery

These are great for increasing my endurance capabilities. After a good hard run in the hills with a hard finish it is good to come back and do these endurance recovery workouts.

The last interval I focused on doing tempo runs on the soccer field (i.e. run goal post to goal post walk about 10 yards turn and repeat. In this interval I ran barefoot in an attempt to strengthen my feet and help with my running technique. Felt good to flush the body and build.

35 minutes of home restorative practice including meditation.

I like doing this before the show. It helps me to clear my mind and focus my energy in a relaxed and calm state. I feel this approach is important, like visualizing your success in whatever you plan to do before doing that activity, etc. Mental preparation is a key aspect of my preparation and integral to my success.

45 minutes at Atascadero...nice to take the dog for a hike & swim!

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