Monday, August 25, 2008


The shift continues. Upon further examination of my Way of Living I am continuing the shift in lifestyle. My movement transformation has and continues to take place on multiple levels, most notably the mental, physical, psychological aspects of life. All the changes are interrelated and thus fit each of these areas.

The biggest change has come from a psychological perspective. I have shifted from a lifestyle of working out for fitness to a lifestyle of moving my body for health and wellness. This shifts means I am able to listen more deeply to the needs of my body and train/move my body in a more intelligent manner. The results are exceeding where I have ever been and the psychological side effects are amazing as I am more relaxed and just getting much more pleasure and enjoyment out of life and my movement activities. In fact, I am more active than ever, fully recovered, well rested, properly hydrated, well nourished, and at peace.

This change has contributed as alluded too my mental and physical states reaching new levels, the highest ever.

The other major area of transformation is in my nutritional approach and habits. There has been some additions and many more subtractions. The biggest subtraction has been sugar. Just taking sugar out of my diet pretty much eliminates a majority of foods. Now, one 'exception' to the 'sugar' elimination is fruit, which I eat on a regular basis. I am taking this on at a pace that is comfortable, since I am a sugarholic this change takes time. Now, I will have a treat once a week at most but that is it because I do understand how addictive sugar is and the damage that it causes to your body and its functional ability.

I can get into more detail with this but if you really want to know contact me and we can discuss what it is I have added, subtracted and the scientific, yet possibly controversial reasons behind my decisions. Yes, controversial because we all have 'our own idea' of what is and is not healthy regardless of scientific facts and I am no exception. As I have said before it is important that given all the 'facts' each of makes decisions/choices that we feel will support our desired lifestyle.

For me I choose a lifestyle of health and wellness because that is what will truly enable me to perform without limits and thus enjoy life to the fullest. I have answers for people and I have the ability to guide, inform and educate as well as be compassionate and thus support people in their decision making process. I can sit here and tell you 'this is what you should do' but the key is to keep in mind that empowering people to make educated and informed decisions is the key, after all they are more likely to stick with it and they truly tend to embrace and learn more by doing so.

You, like me can choose what you see fit. I have gone and continue to go out and educate and inform myself with an open mind and I do my best to look at things in a logical way while keeping in my the human psyche.

I do know this, I am never sick, my skin looks great, I am able to perform on a consistent basis, I tend to be in a peaceful state (even though I am a very passionate person, what else would one expect from a Scorpio, Tiger, Italian :-). I attribute much of this to my choices but I did realize through my continued learning process that I could bemuch more healthy and the perspective had to come from choosing to live a life full of love, enjoyment, truth, compassion, honesty, integrity, peace, health, wellness, fun, and an open mind geared toward learning and experiencing

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