Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interview with Briana Walker

Today's guest Briana Walker is a special and unique individual. Briana does truly personify the Human Spirit and our interview today gave her the stage to demonstrate why this is the case, and she did so admirably. Attitude, courage, faith, prayer, family, love, commitment, support, friends, relationships, leadership, setting an example, and doing good for others all are descriptive of Briana.

Please take the time to listen to her interview and purchase her book. For $5.95 you can read her story of inspiration called Dance Anyway, and yes she is a dancer and tours as part of a dance troupe performing hip hop. Also, you will find Briana onthe slopes skiing, on the water surfing and in the air jumping out planes.

To learn more about Briana and the work she is doing on behalfof other disabled individuals go to

Briana and I thank you for your supporting her and the show.

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