Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Show #1 with Kevin McMahon

Wow! A true first, hosting a radio show, which in reality is just a normal conversation with a old friend. Yes, I certainly had pre-show jitters as I have never done this, had no practice nor preparation...just call in and start the show.

Having Kevin McMahon on the show, hitting lead off was an absolute honor. He made my job easy with his level of wisdom and ability to communicate effectively. He hit on a number of things, so much so that I felt I could have talked with him for another 2 hours.

I am really stoked to have the first show under the belt and I know have much to learn and much room to grow as a radio show host. I will be looking forward to the continued progression of the show, myself and the amazing folks who will be joining in.

It is surreal to be living this experience and this opportunity. There are so many doors that have I have yet to discover and yet to open that only time will tell where this whole experience will lead and I am certain that it will be just 'what the doctor ordered' and that my friends will be perfect!

I can say this, I want to use this show to help with different causes and help raise awareness and support for things that exist in this world. I know so of my guests are involved in many different such things and I will be honored to be a conduit.

I have to say it is really cool to spend your a portion of your day talking to fascinating folks who have such amazing stories and wisdom that is worthy of sharing. Being a curious kind of person and one who loves to learn and experience new things this avenue will certainly wet my appetite and expose myself and I hope you all to a world of wonders.

Thank you for your support and time!

My your life be filled with inner peace and pure love and joy for living!

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