Friday, August 29, 2008

Workouts for the Weeks

SSST Snatch training

I alternated Left to Right each minute for 20 minutes using the 8 and 8 protocal. The reps were up but the intensity was down a bit which was perfect for the cycle. I did have a tear though and I am working on hopping the bell forward in my hand and it is better but still a work in progress. I have been filing, shaving but I do need to get my cornhuskers lotion. All in all my technique is improving and helping to spare my hands taking a thrashing. My low back has not been an issue, which in the past it did have a way of acting up. Very pleased!

A good 45 minute Yoga session Wednesday. More of a Vinyasa Power yoga than my usual Iyengar or Restorative.

Well this has not been the week I had planned in pre-preparation for the marathon program. With my calf tightening up last week I decided no need to push it this week and instead substitute for my runs. In fact my calf has not bothered me except for that first day I had the twinge and since then my home therapy has worked well. However, I know muscles and particularly calf muscles can be sensitive with a high rate of re-injury.

So for the runs I did the Concept 2 rower Tuesday (as previously posted ) and the spinning bike Wednesday. The bike was a nice 40 minute consistent pace with moderate resistance that way I could spin at a higher RPM. Today, I am going to go for a hour long hike, nothing to strenuous but a good blood pumping movement. Again, this is a long term project so health is key and the big goal is beyond the marathon in March

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