Friday, August 22, 2008

SSST, Run, Yoga

Friday is working out to be a full day at least this week. I am not certain if I want to do the SSST on Thursday or Friday. It felt good today and it is what I did first in my workout sequence. Being that I had an open schedule today I was able to split my workout in to 3 different sessions. Also, the yoga was a restorative session so that is not taxing and in fact meant to be more relaxing and serve to open up the body.

Sercet Service Snatch Test (training)

Total Time: 10 minutes
Total Reps: 120
Heart Rate at end of workout: 155
Hands: Perfect :-)

Location: Stanford University Track
Time: 25 minutes
Distance: 400 meter repeats at 3 minute intervals (run 2 minutes or less, rest the difference for a total of 3 minutes/400)

I made it through 5 intervals

After the 5th Interval my left calf tightened up and I decided to shut it down. This is a life long process so better to back off and take care of the muscle rather than push it.

Home Care, Massage using deep long strokes with arnica, ice, foam roller, jacuzzi, more massage, more ice.

Restorative Yoga:

All sitting or lying down, nothing on my feet as I do not want to aggravate the calf. Here I hold the poses for an extended length of time, up to 5 minutes or so. This allows my mind and body to completely relax into the pose and open up. This is helping me recover and prepping me to perform.

As for the rest of the weekend plan, we will have to see what it holds, my calf that is


Jo said...

I've read about this SSST in various blogs... interesting. I want to try sometime!

Really enjoyed your talkshow btw!

Joe Sarti said...

thx Jo, the SSST is a great program for training the Snatch. I am approaching my training in a systematic way albeit I am playing around with the system in an effect attempting to figure which of 2 approaches is best for me

1. doing both hands an even number of reps/hand each minute. ex: 5lt/5rt for the first minute and so on.

2.Working on hand/minute cycle. Lt hand for the first minute, right for the second minute and so on

I have to say that both are excellent but so far it seems that I have a better rhythm with #2 and it takes less time to do the same number of reps, so I get a longer recovery but it also means I have room for more reps.