Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Cellular Look At Weighty Issues...Food For Thought

Would you believe me if I told you I believe and feel that weight issues are more than about 'dieting' and exercise. Would you believe me if I said weight issues and more important your HEALTH depends not on how much you eat and not how much you exercise but what you eat and more important where it comes from and how it is produced/manufactured.

Well I have to say that in my recent studies I have been looking at these weighty issues on a deeper level and I am finding so rather interesting information and discovering a new approach to eating and more important Living Healthy. This is not about advertising, marketing, the magic pill, etc. this is about truly looking at how to live the healthiest live possible on all levels, the first being cellular.

You say what, cellular? I say yes, cellular. In the next few weeks I have the great pleasure of interviewing Raymond Francis who has written a couple of fascinating books that do indeed take a look at our weight and health issues from this level. I will say this much, I believe in where he is coming from, how he is approaching health and his research and information are valid and reliable. His books are Never Be Sick Again and Never Be Fat Again.

Taking his information, combining it with Weston A. Price, Michael Pollen, Ori Hofemaker and my other basic nutritional studies I can see all the correlations and how the current approach in the public eye is misleading and not truly hitting at the core of the challenges we face to live health and fit. In fact, we keep looking for a magic pill and the funny thing is it already exists and has been in existence well before our modern times, we just are not aware of it for various reasons.

As all these authors hit on, the causes of our cellular dysfunction is due to the Toxicity of the foods we consume (and my 2 cents, the air we breathe), and the deficiency in our diets and for that matter the deficiency in our foods of the proper nutrients which in large part our due to how we manufacture and produce our foods. Many and most of the way food is produced this day kills off much of the nutrient value and our bodies are not able to absorb much of the nutrient value due to the chemicals, etc. that make up the foods. What happens? You are left feeling unsatisfied, full of toxins, deficient in nutrients and wanting to eat more and feeling terrible.

"Losing Weight is not about how to lose weight but how to regain health." Raymond Francis, Never Be Fat Again

It truly is what you eat! But, not how it is portrayed in current understanding. Too learn more talk with me or read these books. If you just look at the biology, chemistry and physiology of what these people are saying and go beyond the 'shtick' you will be able to draw your own conclusions.

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