Sunday, August 10, 2008


And the beat goes on. This is by no means a 'fun' workout however it is very effective! First, I do truly love the KB Snatch and it is as proclaimed, the Czar of Kettlebell exercises. A real great full body, full system training practice. When done with the 15/15 for 25 minutes it does truly make it even more special. A proven methodology for improving your Max volume of oxygen uptake, sounds important and it is. Thank you Kenneth Jay for your research efforts.

Todays Workout

250 reps in 25 minutes. A comfortable pace, my body feels great and my low back, which has been a challenge in the past does not feel a thing. I am treating like an endurance race, the key is to endure and cross the finish line healthy. Today I did just that and next week I will do it again.

My plan is for 5/5 for 30 minutes. Gradually increasing time and distance but at the same pace. If the goal is 40 minutes then this is the first finish line. from there I can adjust my pace, less my time and distance and build again. After all, I am not competing in anything related to KBs but instead using this as a wonderful compliment and important part of my life training at this point.

I hope that through my experiences I can help others with their challenges and goals and be an inspiration.

40 minutes of home practice

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