Saturday, September 27, 2008

Think Small

Yes, think small as Dr. Wayne Dyer says and he interprets Lao Tzu saying in the 63rd verse of the Tao Te Ching. I third that notion as all too often we make things out to be bigger than life and near impossible to accomplish. This approach often times leads people not to completion but rather to the inability to finish what they set out to do or in other words failure.

Simplicity is key and essential to the approach. If we makes things bigger than life and seem difficult or impossible then we are setting ourselves up for a tough road. What is the purpose behind this concept? Why make things difficult when they truly can be so much more simple? Are we better served looking to the road ahead than focusing on the road we are on?

As Marianne Wells mentioned in our show discussion Wednesday, she makes her Yoga classes simple. It is not about styles, types, poses, workouts, abstract names like Adho Mudka yada yada. It is about the simplicity of life, enjoying the moment, enjoying your practice, enjoying the environment and people whom are in the class with you, about learning, discovering, uncovering, unearthing, grounding, relaxing, calming, chillin, being in the present moment no strings attached, no expectations just doing what you are doing the best you can without Judgement.

Sounds strange to think in small terms but you cannot go from A to Z with out B, C, and so on. Take it one moment, one step, one second, one day at a time because life only moves that fast. You cannot enjoy the present when you are living in the past or thinking about the future. Who wants to lose that time, the time you are doing what you are doing? Most likely your choices, actions, etc. have put you in that moment, so embrace it and if you are not certain that is where you wish to be, then you have made the step to self-realization, now take more time to learn where you want to be and then take that next step, the of self actualization, meaning taking action.

But, again in order to take action on your realizations you need to have clarity on what it is you are realizing and what it is you want to do with it...step by step, small steps...

There is no hurry! Patience and perspective! If you need help please call, email, comment, I am here for you!

Peace and Stillness

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