Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Art of Yoga & Nature

Not much can replace a good yoga class, a strong community and a top notch instructor! An nice 90 minutes with Kent Bond of Willow Glen Yoga. I am not sure what style, etc. so lets just say Yoga because that is what is most important. Every time I work with Kent I learn many a thing new and my practice and awareness increase. This time is only going to help me as an instructor. The wisdom continues to blossom!

Jaz and I went for a nice hike in the heat! Always a wonder to get out in nature and have her along with me. Seeing a dog run free with so much joy and excitement reminds what it is all about. The sounds of nature, the beauty and serenity of the scenery make for the perfect day. Peaceful, quiet, enjoyable!


Jo said...

hey joe, where's a good place to start if i wanted to try out yoga? like for total beginners etc?

Joe Sarti said...

Catherine is a fantastic teacher, gentle and will really help you to understand how to move. Here you will learn, in other classes you may find the experience different.

Yoga is youthfulness in Mountain View is also a great place. let me know when you want to go, I can join you. :-)

Jo said...

thanks so much! i'll let you know when i go although i'm not sure you want to do a beginners class :P