Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am truly a student, one who loves to learn and explore life and self on various facets, through a variety of angles and relationships. It is no wonder I would put all the great strength achievements aside to take a look at myself in a different light and with a new perspective thanks to all that I learned with Rif and all the strength training stuff. I do realize that I have to give in order to receive and that means giving up goals related to strength, at least at this point.

So, today the odyssey continued on my feet, in the hills, in peace and quiet, and along with a nice Bobcat, which agreed with me that we wanted nothing to do with each other and respected one another's space.

I was out for 55 minutes covering a bit over 5 miles with some nice steep terrain. I remembered to run when I could but to be smart and hike when I needed to because the goal is to cover miles, not be the first one up the hill. This is a marathon of sorts, not a sprint.

I have yet to put down the BIG goal but will do so this week. It is lofty but doable and by far the longest I will ever have covered on my feet and over some of the toughest terrain.

So, the 28th I plan to head out to Quicksilver Almaden, where I was today and do the a race. I believe the half-marathon. I would be happy to finish in 2.5 hours just knowing how up and down the area is I believe this feasible. More again about just increasing time on my feet and learning strategy, etc.

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