Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jack LaLanne and Raymond Francis. Maybe my most important post!

It is not often in life that you get to speak to one of your heros. Today I did in speaking with Jack Lalanne. Now, if you did not hear it you missed out because Jack speaks wisdom, simple wisdom that will and should withstand the test of time. Many of us professionals in the industry mimic and echo his words and we should all study history and know our history and Jack is a large part of that history.

He turns 94 in 2 weeks and here is what he still does till this day

Workouts 2 hours a day, which he says he hates to workout but he loves being done and how it makes him feel
Eats 2 meals a day at 11 and 7
Eats only natural foods, no man made foods.
Lives for the day!
Makes sure both his health and bank account are taken care of

Jack has a new book coming out called Fiscal Fitness which talks about how to retire healthy financially and physically.

Jack is a character beyond all others. If you listen to the show you will get what I mean. Honestly, this will probably be one of the best interviews I will ever do, this is not a limitation but a credit to Jack and his personality and love of people and how important it is to make a difference in peoples lives.

Like Jack says, a person life is priceless, there is no monetary value that can be attributed to the life of any person. You have a choice, anything is possible. his book, his famous juicer and more.

And Mr Raymond Francis, he is leaded a revolution in the understanding of how to truly live a healthy life. I believe all of us in the field should be required to read his book Never Be Sick Again. The wisdom behind his writing and philosophy is not a bunch of opinions but very factual based info. I know that it has changed and altered my level of understanding and I believe I am that much more equipped to help anyone, ANYONE succeed if they open their minds.

If you call the number listed on his site, you can get a copy of his book Never Be Sick Again and a years worth of his Free Reports...mention that you heard it on the show 800-250-3063

If you were to implement what these 2 gentleman say and do, your life would indeed be without limits. Do not take my word for it, take theirs and their wisdom which is beyond my years but I am fortunate to be a student and someone who chooses (like both say) to live my life without limits and so should you. This will be time well spent!


Jo said...

Raymond Francis' book is extreme - but there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is that the stuff we eat on a day to day basis have become normalized so what raymond preaches becomes extreme. I've never felt healthier!

Joe Sarti said...

In the eyes of perception he would appear extreme due to as you mention what most people understand and deem to be normal. But from a scientific, chemistry, biology point of view and with the advent of organics, awareness of the toxic nature of pesticides, the green movement, and the shear number of detox programs, what Raymond is preaching is light years ahead and unfortunately for many people they will think he is crazy, etc. But upon further review he is the smart one (and there are many others who say the same things in their own way) and he is the healthy one. It is all those who think he is extreme (not you ;-) who are the ones fighting disease, etc.

Now, you probably do not have to jump on 100% but even a 50% change to what he is talking about will lead you to levels beyond belief.

I know exactly how you feel, healthier than ever :-) and it is my choice just like yours and the rewards are limitless