Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday-Tuesday Traning

Sunday: Trail Run
Rancho San Antonio in beautiful Los Altos Hills, CA. This extensive area provides a network of trails with good long flats for warm-ups, with long hill climbs mixed with varying gradients, switchbacks and more. This place is hard to get bored of and you could probably run a whole years worth of training and never do the same loop.

Today did a nice long warm-up followed by a 1 mile climb turn around come down, connect on to another trail with a short hill climb and gradual decent to a nice long flat and hard finish. Total time about 75 minutes.

75 minutes of mixed hills and flats. Mileage?

Finished off the day with a couple of ice sessions, a self massage session, 30 minutes of restorative yoga, and a 15 minute jacuzzi. Great weeks of workouts and the fun keeps on moving

Kettlebell Snatch, Max VO2
Even Minutes: 16/6 L & R
Odd MInutes: 16/8 L & R

Total Time: 30 minutes
Total Reps: 420

30 minute Home Practice

Military Press (doubles)

Ring Pull-ups

55 minutes of flat run at a moderate pace

75 Minute Home practice including Pranayama, meditation and shavasana.

the end of a 6 day regimen and a day off rest tomorrow! Well deserved and appreciated

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