Monday, September 01, 2008

MAX Vo2 & Yoga

Snatch: MAX Vo2
16/6x50 (25 lt & 25 rt)

Reps: 300 (150/arm)
Time: 25 minutes
HR: 144
HR (after 1 minute recovery) 104

Overall: Jumping up 1 rep makes a difference. However, I felt I could have kept going but want to train smart and allow my body and mind to adapt in a logical progression. I am very satisfied with today's effort and look forward to my next Snatch workout Friday with the 24kg. As for the MAX Vo2, next week I will bump up to 30 minutes using the 6 rep protocol.

YOGA (over the weekend)
Over the weekend I spent quite a bit of time doing Yoga. I had to really strong 75 minute yoga practices where I could feel the body moving much easier into the pose and my positions being my stronger as a result. Also, I was able to get a good 30 minute yoga practice, which was aimed specifically at working my tight areas.

Today, I did a 45 minute session again specifics were to work the tight areas.

NO Running yet, just being smart with the calf....lots of ice, rolling, massaging, and rest.

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