Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take Charge and Go For It

Are we at the root of our own demise? Yes, and I know I am not alone when I say this. However, to show my compassion, I understand that it is challenge to make the right choices in life when there are some many choices and when often it is unclear for various reasons such as brilliant marketing, mass marketing, distraction, diversion, etc. that cloud the picture.

My statement and belief can crossover to many areas of life but for simplicity sake I will stick with the idea of our health and wellness. In speaking with Raymond Francis and having read both his books and taking into account other peoples (authors, health and wellness professionals and the like) wisdom and a basic understanding of science I do believe we are at the root cause of our societal struggle with health.

Although, at the end of the day, no matter what we have to be accountable and responsible to ourselves and the choices we make. I choose what to eat, what to purchase, whether to workout or not, whether to have a life filled with stress, to be happy or sad, to be this or that...these are choices we make.

I can blame others whether it be people, or other external sources but I believe we will find little sympathy or empathy from others if we lay the fault elsewhere. Compassionate, yes but reasonable at the same time. We have to stop, smell the roses and take a big deep breathe and evaluate. The answers exist and I am sure others, like myself will help come up with more answers using the same answers and info that already exists.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your own stance, it seems to me the way of the world is mass marketing, is to bend the facts, twist the truth and in a sly way distort the picture in order to sell your service, product, idea. Now, this is not the case in everything but it is quite commonly used as a tactic. Examples are right in front of our eyes such as fat is bad for, carbs are bad, this is good, this is bad and on we go.

From my perspective, the way we produce our food, manage our land, market and sell our foods, etc. are major contributors to the challenges we face against the rise in dis-ease and obesity amongst other health and wellness issues. It is no secret that disease has been on the rise and new diseases coming of age in the modern times when we have made significant changes to our lifestyle...stress, food production and consumption, time, etc.

One of my hopes, is that my show, the guests whom appear on the show help you to find your answers. I hope that we can inspire you to greater health and wealthness. I hope we can bring you to places you never thought before possible. I hope we can dispel myths and the like and bring you reasonable and factual information that will in turn arm you with the awareness, confidence, ability, skills, tools, techniques, strategies and resources to live you life without limits.

Believe me and Jack LaLanne and many others when we say anything is possible. There are more than enough stories of people achieving such dreams, goals, etc. You can be this person, I know I can and am this person and I am far from done. I always say that I want to share the top of the mountain with others, others who live their life without limits. I want to rejoice in each others success, share stories of how we came to the top of the mountain and smile, laugh, toast, cheer, root, and inspire others to such great heights.

There is no blame, there is only taking action, making choices and going for it using calculated risks! Thank you for inspiring me to such great heights, I hope to return the favor and I know all my wonderful guests feel the same way. Join us!


Jo said...

Good post - I'm with you!

Sometimes we make good decisions that are ultimately bad for us. LIke last night during the 10k moonlight run ... i sprained my ankle within 2 seconds of the start in a pothole. Probably should not have ran it but i finished it anyways. haha Now i'm really paying for it, Joe. Good or ba decision? Hard to say!

Joe Sarti said...

Ice, Compression, Elevation. Hard to say because of the different grades of sprain. The challenge with sprains is they can reoccur easily if not addressed immediately. So, resting your ankle/foot for a week would be a great idea. Focus on the Bells and be careful when balancing on one leg.

You have made great strides in every area, so continue to listen and use your intuition ;-).

Jo said...

wait... focus on bells? on one leg?? How do i do bells on one leg??

Joe Sarti said...

LOL, the one leg was in reference to yoga moves where you may be asked to balance on 1 leg :-)

Yes, focus on kbs for now, you will be a ok ;-)