Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kettlebell Workshop, This Saturday 12-3 pm, XBody Fitness In San Jose


The RKC School of Strength and Kettlebell Movement

You will learn the following Kettlebell Movements:

The Swing
*How to create the pendulum for maximal efficiency and work with minimal effort
*Why the Swing is the King of Kettlebell movements
*Why it is all in the hips

The Snatch
*The Czar of all Kettlebell moves
*How to cook your lungs with sizzling Snatch routines
*How to produce massive force with amazing strength, power and grace
*Maximizing athleticism with this one move

The Military Press
*How to press your best ever
*What it means to be strong
*How to use your roots and irridation
*How to tie it all together

The Squat
*How to get deep
*How to use your body to produce maximal force
*How to explode using leverage
*Why the Front Squat is the ultimate ab/core developer

The Clean
*How to move the bell effortlessly
*How the clean sets up a great press
*How to meet the demands of the movement
*Why the Clean, Squat Press combo is the ultimate strength move

The Turkish Get Up
*The all around move to make you a better man or woman
*How to cook your core
*How to increase the strength and stability of your shoulder

The Background:
Whether you know this or not the kettlebell is a tool based of the foundation of physiology, kinesiology, and strength and conditioning principles. The kettlebell is just the tool, a superior tool at that in many cases, especially the aforementioned moves simple due to its unique design. Combining the kettlebell with the principles of strength you will learn how to produce amazing amounts of power, achieve new levels of strength and cook your lungs and make your heart want to burst out of your chest. This is a chance to learn from two highly qualified experts who are trained in the art and who have accomplished much in the strength and conditioning realm due to their use of the kettlebell and the RKC school of strength principles.

The movements and techniques learned in this seminar will have a direct carryover into your Crossfit performance. Not only will you do all Crossfit movements better, you’ll know why. You will learn how to activate and apply your hips and entire body to every WOD to be safer, more efficient and FASTER.

Who are these guys?

Joe Sarti
Joe is a highly regarded expert in health and wellness. He has trained and coached athletes such as Frank Shamrock and his IFL Team, The San Jose Razorclaws. His experience is vast and deep with knowledge of kettlebells, power lifting, olympic lifting, yoga, bodybuilding, odd strength lifts and more. Joe is an accomplished athlete, having competed in sports such as rugby, adventure racing, mountain biking, The Tactical Strength Challenge, The Beast Challenge and more. He is one of the lightest, at 170 lbs, to Press and Pistol the Beast, which is a 106 lb kettlebell, in competition. He has deadlifted more than 546 lbs in competition. Joe’s experiences have put him in the hands of some of the best in the business and he is always excited and honored to share that wisdom with those looking to achieve extraordinary results.

To learn more about Joe visit his website at www.fitnessjoe.com or catch him on the radio, hosting his weekly show on Wednesday at 1 p.m. on www.modavox.com/voiceamericahealth If you have any questions, comments, etc. please feel free to contact Joe via email at joe@fitnessjoe.com

Tim Dymmel
Tim has been a student of the strength game for over 18 years. He played college soccer, football and rugby. As a professional and semi-pro rugby player in New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland, Tim learned the hard way about rehabbing and prehabbing the injuries that are part of the game. His tool of choice for the last 3 years to maintain a high level of conditioning is the kettlebell. Having trained under the top Olympic lifting and kettlebell coaches, Tim is able to pass on his knowledge and expertise those that want to learn. Clients of Tim’s include athletes, SWAT Team members, housewives, grandmas, golfers, pastors, runners and office workers. Tim’s kettlebell training allowed him to enter the 2008 Crossfit Games and finish 85th out of 200, after only 2 months of Crossfit workouts 2X per week.

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