Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back on my feet and Running

Felt good today to get back on the feet, and hit the ground running. Now, I took it easy and just kept a nice consistent pace never pushing it. I did not look at mileage instead just focusing on get a good 30 minutes. I ran on the grass which acts as a nice buffer and made the each landing a bit more spongy helping to absorb/displace the shock thus making life easier of the calf. No issues to report except I feel great!

Military Press

Feels good to have my base level strength in this range. Presses have not been a big part of my workouts but I think they will fit nicely into the schedule on Tuesday at least from the look of things. I love this move, I have good strength in this move and I enjoy lifting big, heavy objects :-).

8 x 3

I have been doing a whole bunch of pull-ups on and off. I have used various objects like the rings, pull-up bars, soccer goal post, tree branches, etc....true kind of tactical style. I do not often blog them but just like presses I do like to do them when and want to fit them in with the Press on Tuesday.

This is a short workout, taking only about 20 minutes so it is not very taxing and works as a nice compliment to my run. I feel the workout structure is coming together nicely and I am able to do 3 activities I enjoy multiple times/week and with little adverse effects on each other.

I feel the running (trail running will be the emphasis as this is a true passion of mine), the kettlebell MAX VO2 and SSST along with presses and pull-ups, and my yoga practice really work well to keep me well rounded and having fun. Truthfully I feel like I am becoming stronger at each skill and my improvements have been coming at a nice pace. One day, one workout at a time and keep on moving.

30 minute restorative hatha yoga

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