Saturday, September 27, 2008

Workout Evaluation/Revaluation

In exercise as in life I am always evaluating and re-evaluating. Too me this is part of the journey, going through a process of self-evaluation and self-realization and then in turn hopefully becoming self-actualization. I feel confident about the process as I believe I have attained an infinite amount of wisdom and only continue to do so. Therefore, the process feels natural and feels part of the ebb and flow of life.

As I embark on my new training regimen, which has been in full swing since August I am in the process of evaluation. I am seeking a greater understanding about what it is I believe best suits me at this time and moving forward, at least for now :-)

If I had one thing and only one thing to do it would be Yoga. As much as I love strength training, for me the all-around benefits of yoga and the sustainable nature of yoga is perfect for my being. But, since I do not have to choose one, kettlebells are a major component and more important, strength and conditioning using the movements of kettlebells are an essential aspect.

However, I have been seeking how to balance my kettlebells, yoga and running. Under the current regimen and with running goals in place I am out on the trails and roads 4 days a week, including 2 hill runs (Thursday and Sunday) and a hard back to back long run Saturday with the Sunday hills. This is quite a challenging because Friday and Monday I do hard kettlebell snatch sessions which really involve a lot of power from the hips and legs.

Now, I am going to keep my Max VO2 Monday and replace my SSST Friday with heavy snatch using the 32kg. My plan is to just keep to 5 reps and work my volume through sets. I want this to be more pure strength, rather than a higher rep strength endurance routine with the 24kg and the SSST workout.

Also, I am going to keep pressing heavy, I just love this and it fits perfect with my Tuesday hour long flat run and right after the MAX VO2.

As for yoga, my hope is to do at least 3 classes a week and then the other days practice at home doing restorative poses and working my challenging poses. This is essential for me as it is part of Daily Meditation Practice and Breathe practice.

4 Runs (2 hills), 3-4 Yoga days (this is true classes plus my own home practice on other days), 3 Kettlebell workouts

The Breakdown
MAX VO2 Snatch 16kg

Long Flat Run
Heavy Press/Pull-up

REST :-)

Hill Repeats

Heavy Snatch

Long Flat Run

Long Hill Run


Jo said...

I'm having the same problems... trying to balance all 3. But it's heavy on running for now because of the upcoming race. Are you going to be at the R&R half? I'll see you at the finish line? (since I will be way behind you :P )

Joe Sarti said...

Yes, finding and achieving the 'proper' balance is essential and a bit of a challenge. You are doing amazing though, WOW!

No, I will not be there on the 5th, running the Metro Race on the 26th. ;-)