Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I Be, Who I am

I am Joseph Frank Sarti, according to my birth certificate, however some people know me as Joe or Joey. I am a son, brother, a half-brother, a step son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a god-father, and a dog owner. I am an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, a life coach, a radio show host, a massage therapist, a russian kettlebell instructor, a yoga instructor, a strength and conditioning coach, a nutritionist, a writer, a businessman, an entrepenuer, and a bootcamp instructor. I am a friend, have been a boyfriend, a partner, a lover, a training partner, a teammate, an adventure racer, a rugby player, a football player, a baseball player, a mountain biker, snowboarder, runner, trail runner, kayaker, hiker, basketball player, tennis player, a martial artist, a white, yellow and orange belt. I am Italian, American, an Italian American, a traveller, reader, guitar enthusiast, music lover, a buddhist, a taoist, a follower of eastern philosophy, a catholic, a Bellarmine College Prep graduate, a San Jose State Univeristy graduate, twice.

I have been and be many things to many different people, in many different situations and at various points in time in life. My identity is constantly shifting and changing depending on time and situation and in relation to who, whom or whatever is present in that moment. However one thing remains, I am what I be, I am me whatever that is.

I like to see myself as a student of life and a citizen of this world who like others shares this wonderful place we call Earth or the World. I like to see myself as compassionate, kind, generous, loving, peaceful, calm, thoughtful, contemplative, appreciative, gracious, friendly, open-minded, non-judgemental, a believer in the good of people and man-kind, sensitive, considerate, honest and with integrity, as supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging and inspirational. At the same time it truly only matters to those who see and observe and thus wish to identity, classify, clarify.

The reality is it truly is of no matter one way or another because it is what it is and I be what I be as you be who you be. I hope you like me have peace in heart, mind, body, soul.

Blessings to you and yours. I am honored to share this place with you and yours.

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