Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mary Sise, Author of The Energy of Belief

Wow, yet another powerful and fun interview. Mary is filled with wisdom and her approach is a groundbreaking philosophy and form of psychology. The conversation was filled with insights, examples and even a practice where she used me as the case study, live on the air....funny stuff being the focus and airing your challenges :-)

If anything I feel that taking the time to read about her book on the website where you can learn more about the field of Energy Psychology and The Energy of Belief.

As Mary said and I concur "You can change your life right now, in this moment!" You do not have to wait. This is your life and the human potential is Limitless. I believe this to be true, we are the only ones holding ourselves back from achieving our greatness!

Live Your Life Without Limits! As life is full of Infinite Possibilities and ordinary people achieving extraordinary results.

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