Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choices and Shifting Perspective

That is right, continuing the Excuses Begone theme, you have CHOICES, you have CONTROL. It is time to take a look, smile, laugh, love yourself and tell yourself with CONVICTION that you are beautiful, that anything is possible and that your are going to take those wants, turn it into the power to WILL yourself to the completion and ACHIEVEment of those goals, wants, desires. Enough about what you do not have or what you do not like and focus on what you do have and what you are going to do to get those things you want. And, if you need help CALL, EMAIL, ASK me or Dr. Rosie and checkout her book, SELF EMPOWERMENT 101, it is truly a gem filled with real life examples (which we can all probably relate too on some level) and helps you identify the questions you need to be asking yourself to MAKE it HAPPEN!

We control our DESTINY, not anyone else, not anything else, not what you have done in the past but we your going to do NOW, HERE, IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, to CREATE the life you want. I am just one example of a person who is doing just that and I hope my story, and Rosies and all the other wonderful people on my show as well as my friend and client Jo is doing not be being a 'loser' but by being a person who decided to change her life and become what she wanted through action, responsibility, accountability and sheer will power.

YOU CAN DO IT, in fact you WILL DO IT!

Listen to the show, buy the book and you will know how and why anything is possible that you too can LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS!

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