Monday, September 08, 2008

Max VO2 & Meditation

Ok, so my legs, hips, and just the whole body are fatigued and it is pretty obvious today. It was the day for Max VO2 Snatch training which means a real good effort is required of the whole body and boy o' boy do I feel the whole body after and during. Here is the breakdown

Snatch: Max VO2

total time: 30 minutes
total sets: 60 (30/arm)
total reps: 360

Heart Rate: 144 to 150

Summary: The body had to work hard today, harder than normal and I was laboring from about 10 minutes on. Feeling the accumulation of fatigue so will hit the hot tub, foam roll, eat well, and rest.

Restorative Meditation based Yoga
Focus on relaxing in stretches for extended period along with Pranayama breathing and deep Shavasana. What a great practice!

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