Friday, September 26, 2008

Being a Man For Others

I had the great fortune/opportunity to attend a high school that imparted upon me what I believe is great wisdom, Be a Man for Others and Breakdown the Walls that Bind You! Wow! if I had only realized the true power of this message as I do now. For me, I live a life of servitude, serving the community I touch on a daily basis and beyond. My actions reach far beyond what I realize as do all ours. Just take a look at the Social Networking tools that exist today with Facebook, Linked, and MySpace as examples.

We have the opportunity to spread our word, the wisdom we believe in an enormous and powerful way. For this reason I take my role as a Man For Others and breaking down the walls that bind me and the those of the world to heart. I feel it is essential for me and all of us to find ways to make this world into a place of where goodness overcomes all, love is truly the way, and respect is something we carry for everyone, even if we do not 'agree' with them.

It is essential to breakdown our walls, the ego which holds us back from truly seeing the beauty and appreciating the unique aspects of all humans, of all concepts.

For this reason I am hoping that the radio show gig enables me to bring to the world community (this show is broadcast worldwide, 120 countries) to the best and brightest minds in the area of Holistic Health and Wellness. My hope is to educate people and show them, expose them to the beauty of the wonderful folks whom I know directly and indirectly. The goal is to spread the goodness of living a healthy live, one filled with well being.

The show is my opportunity to serve the community of individuals whom can bring a light to the areas of Holistic Health and Wellness. I want them to share their message and help people to discover ways to uncover their best in the area of health and well being.

I hope all of you will be apart of this journey and will contribute! Some of you know I want to be on the show and I hope you will see that this is truly for you and the world community.

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